Weber Research Group

The Weber group explores electrochemical-based energy-conversion materials and assemblies across various technological platforms and applications. We conduct fundamental research on applied problems, with work focused mainly on exploration of transport phenomena. We comprise a multidisciplinary team of electrochemists, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, theorists, and material scientists, including undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars. We work extensively with industry, academia, and national laboratories, including being key partners within the Fuel-Cell Performance and Durability (FC-PAD) consortium, the HydroGen – Advanced Water Splitting Materials EMN, and the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (JCAP). Most of our laboratories and offices are located in Building 70 or within JCAP.

How is it that some kinds of light can pass through things without stopping? And how can scientists use this ability to see inside things like rocks, soils, and man-made materials at a microscopic level and understand their inner workings? This month we're joined by Dr. Mayank Sabharwal to talk about the fascinating power of x-rays and some of the ways that scientists use this super-powered light to do much more than look at broken bones. 
Congrats to Sidd Rajupet and John Safipour!