Welcome to Shiyi Wang, the lab's newest postdoc!

Shiyi earned her PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her research during the PhD focused on obtaining atomic-level understating of critical interfacial processes on platinum using molecular modeling approaches, including electrochemical oxygen reduction reaction on platinum nanocatalysts and assembly of novel platinum nanostructures. In her free time, she likes driving in the mountains, playing baseball/softball, and building model kits.



Welcome to the new first years in the group!!

Sidd Rajupet will be working on experimental investigations of inks in M2FCT and H2NEW and John Safipour will be working on cell and integration studies related to CO2 reduction. Welcome to the group!


Goodbye Nem, we will miss you

Nem Danilovic has accepted a position as Director of Cell Development at Electric Hydrogen and his last day at the lab was on Friday, October 15th. Though we are all excited for him in this next move in his career, the lab is certainly feeling this loss. Best of luck in your next position Nem, we miss you already!


Welcome Masao Suzuki Shibata to the group!

Masao is coming from Toyota R&D Labs and is joining the lab as a PhD student co-advised by Iryna Zenyuk at UC Irvine and Adam. We are excited to have him and to learn from his industry knowledge!


Goodbye to Lalit, Jon, and Mike!

This weekend, ECG said goodbye to 3 of our wonderful members: Lalit, a postdoc of 5 years and integral group member and two (also very important) visiting graduate students, Mike Pagels from RPI and Jon Grunewald from GT.

Lalit will be starting a faculty position at India Institute of Technology Kanpur. And Mike and Jon are returning to their universities to complete their PhD programs. We will miss all of you! 


Congrats to Julie for getting into the NextProf program!!

NextProf Nexus is a multi-day program for graduate students that is part of an effort to strengthen and diversify the next generation of academic leaders in engineering. The program will help prepare Julie for a future faculty career in academia. Congratulations!